While attending Centennial College’s graduate publishing program, I had the opportunity to work on projects and assignments in class that allowed me to develop my skills and experiment with various styles and aesthetics. Using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and traditionally illustrated designs, I designed the following book covers and logos for various projects:

This Side of Paradise Book Design {Cover, Typesetting, and eBook}

2020 marks This Side of Paradise‘s 100th anniversary, a small detail that inspired this subdued, modern aesthetic with hints of The Roaring Twenties’ Art Deco style found in the featured typefaces.

The typefaces used across the cover and interior are Andes, Futura, Audrey, and Goudy Old Style. The selection for Andes and Futura was inspired by the video game BioShock (2007) and its Art Deco inspired dystopian city of Rapture.

See full project for This Side of Paradise on Behance

Gone Girl Cover Redesign {Cover}

Gone Girl is a dark suspense and psychological thriller by Gillian Flynn. What makes it distinct from other crime stories is the fact both narrators are unreliable and cannot be trusted to convey the truth about their own stories. This inspired the main graphic for my redesign, featuring Amy and Nick in a two-sides-of-the-same-coin relation, with their “lying eyes” obscured.

See full project for Gone Girl Redesign on Behance

Out Past Curfew Book Design {Cover, Logo, and Marketing Materials}

Out Past Curfew is a fictional title and the product of a project for a Sales and Marketing class, in which we worked in groups to develop a title and the marketing plan to support it before and after its launch.

While working on this assignment, I created the cover jacket, catalogue page, and the City Press logo pictured above.

See full project for Out Past Curfew on Behance

How To Navigate Life In The Age of Political Correctness Book Design {Cover and Logo}

How to Navigate Life in the Age of Political Correctness: Call Out Culture, Toxicity, and General Stupidity is a fictional title with a very long name that was developed for a group project in which we attended a mock sales conference to pitch new publications. To enhance our presentation, I created cover artwork for our three titles as well as our Publishing House’s logo for KNew Books Press.

As a Young Adult non-fiction title, I wanted to work with the book’s humour and theme to create a bold, kind of crazy, and eye-catching cover.

How to Navigate Life is one of my favourite mock-title covers I made while attending Centennial College.

See full project for all book covers designed for KNew Books Press on Behance